quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2016

"The Panama Papers" versus "The Braganza Papers" - Abramovich, you said?...

Neste blogue praticam-se a Liberdade e o Direito de Expressão próprios das Sociedades Avançadas

"Roman Abramovich is the poster child of corrupt Russian oligarchs. He came to the scene after arriving at the Russian White House in 1993 with a briefcase of money. He did this because, at the time, he was an oil trader and Yeltsin's policies made trading oil extremely lucrative. Later on, after being inducted into the Russian aristocracy, he championed Putin's rise to power, turned on his former business partner (who was essentially exiled from Russia and later committed suicide after suing Abramovich for seizing his business holdings in Russia), and ran for mayor of the district in which his business was headquartered.".